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National Restaurant Association Finds Customers Crave Tableside Technology

As consumer technology adoption grows, restaurants are trying to figure if and how they should integrate it into their operations. From payment products that aim to boost check averages, to services that increase user engagement, it can be difficult for companies to know which platforms to use. One major challenge that both tech companies and restaurants face is that customers have been slow to embrace restaurant technologies. But new research from the National Restaurant Association NRA, released at the Restaurant Innovation Summit, finds that the majority of consumers have utilized tech-based dining, and an even higher percentage is interested in such options, if their favorite eateries provide them.

via Food+Tech Connect.

How Tastemade Plans to Become The Food Network of The Digital Age

What does a next generation Food Network look like? Tastemade, a food video startup that launched with a multichannel Youtube channel last year, thinks it’s online, social video programming. And the company is off to a great start, with over 100 YouTube food channel partners in the Americas, Europe, and Asia that get 12 million unique visitors from more than 200 countries, all in just one year.

Until now, the company has focused on producing programming for its YouTube network geared towards “Tastemakers,” the people who create the content for its global community of food lovers. In addition to curating food-focused videos from around the world, the company films live programming at its Santa Monica-based studio (a la the food network).

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5 Myths About Mobile Web Performance

Recently we’ve heard some myths being repeated about mobile HTML performance that are not all that accurate. Like good urban myths, they sound compelling and plausible. But these myths are based on incorrect premises, misconceptions about the relationship between native and web software stacks and a scattershot of skewed data points. We thought it was important to address these myths with data that we’ve collected over the years about performance, and our own experiences doing optimizations of mobile web app performance.

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