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National Restaurant Association Finds Customers Crave Tableside Technology

As consumer technology adoption grows, restaurants are trying to figure if and how they should integrate it into their operations. From payment products that aim to boost check averages, to services that increase user engagement, it can be difficult for companies to know which platforms to use. One major challenge that both tech companies and restaurants face is that customers have been slow to embrace restaurant technologies. But new research from the National Restaurant Association NRA, released at the Restaurant Innovation Summit, finds that the majority of consumers have utilized tech-based dining, and an even higher percentage is interested in such options, if their favorite eateries provide them.

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Technology Will Drive Food Industry Growth, Finds KPMG Survey

Food and beverage industry executives see technology as the greatest driver of future growth, finds KPMG LLP’s 2013 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook survey. Respondents, which include 100 US-based senior executives from companies with annual revenues over $1 billion, say that social media, mobile and online marketing and cloud computing are creating new opportunities to engage with consumers and explore new business opportunities.

“The food and beverage industry is experiencing significant change,” said Patrick Dolan, national line of business leader for consumer markets at KPMG LLP, in a press release. “Technology is redefining how companies identify growth opportunities, operate their businesses, and manage risk – and the companies that adopt and utilize these tools most effectively are positioned to capitalize on improving business conditions.”

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Rethinking the Food System

“We must feed 9 billion people by 2050” is a common refrain among food industry leaders, held up as the ultimate—if elusive—goal of production and sustainability. Unfortunately, current approaches to address this challenge are unsustainable—from economic, ecological and social perspectives.Today’s investment dollars are going toward business models that are strikingly myopic in their approach, based on the belief that increased consumption is the key to economic growth. As everyone knows, however, our Earth’s natural resources are finite, and they are degrading faster than we are replenishing them. Therefore, we need to shift from a “more consumption” to a “better consumption” model. We need a forward-thinking strategy that will help us build resiliency and regeneration into our ecosystems as we grow food for an increasing population.

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