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H2O-Pal Helps You Get Your Two Gallons Of Water A Day

The United States National Laboratory Of Water Drinking And Health not a real laboratory recommends that all humans drink lots of water all the time. That’s why H2O-Pal exists – it’s a water bottle that tells you how much you’ve drunk and, more important, when you’ve reached the daily goal of two to five gallons Warning: you could probably drink less needed to stay alive.The system uses a scale and accelerometer to see how much water you drink during the day. You fill the bottle, snap on the electronics, and hit the town. You can pull the puck-like device off of the bottle for washing. It then connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth to report your drinking habits.

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Do I Need to Drink Filtered Water or Is the Tap Okay?

Dear Lifehacker,

We have so many kinds of bottled water and filtering options. While I prefer the taste over tap water, does it really matter? Does tap water pose any risk, or can I drink it without cause for concern?


Water Boggled


Dear W.B.,

Generally speaking – in the United States, at least – you can drink from the tap without any risk to your health under most circumstances. If you choose to buy water, you should do so because you prefer the taste or because you fall into a small group of people who put themselves at risk by drinking tap water more on this later. For the most part, the water from your faucet will serve you well.

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Coconut Water: Benefits Of This Sports Drink Alternative

Coconut water seems to be everywhere these days and it’s not just because Rihanna and other celebrities are drinking it.

Billed as a healthier alternative to sports drinks, global coconut water sales have been soaring over the past couple years and there are now more brands than we can keep track of.

So, what is all the fuss about? It’s always important to stay hydrated, but it’s particularly key during the summer months, when we’re sweating more and outside in the heat. There’s always water and neon-shaded performance drinks, but coconut water offers a natural alternative.

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