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National Restaurant Association Finds Customers Crave Tableside Technology

As consumer technology adoption grows, restaurants are trying to figure if and how they should integrate it into their operations. From payment products that aim to boost check averages, to services that increase user engagement, it can be difficult for companies to know which platforms to use. One major challenge that both tech companies and restaurants face is that customers have been slow to embrace restaurant technologies. But new research from the National Restaurant Association NRA, released at the Restaurant Innovation Summit, finds that the majority of consumers have utilized tech-based dining, and an even higher percentage is interested in such options, if their favorite eateries provide them.

via Food+Tech Connect.

Half of Tesco bread never eaten

Almost half of all bakery items in Tesco are thrown away either in-store or by the consumer, figures from the company reveal.

Despite the launch of the Tesco and Society campaign in May, partly aimed at reducing food waste, figures released on Monday show 28,500 tonnes of food was wasted in Tesco’s stores and distribution centres in the first six months of this year alone.A quarter of grapes supplied to the supermarket giant were never eaten, along with 40 per cent of apples and 20 per cent of bananas.And 68 per cent of bagged salad never made it to the plate, with roughly a third of the total being thrown away in-store and the rest at home.In response to the data, the company has announced an overhaul of its fruit and bread aisles to promote a faster turnover of produce and cut down on in-store waste.

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WFD2013 in Italy: Taking on the GROW Method

Imagine… You are at the supermarket buying the food you will use during the week. Six apples, three bananas, 1.5kg of bread, 1.5lt of milk… Then you go home, open the fridge and store four apples, 2 bananas, 1kg of bread, 1 liter of milk, and you throw the rest of the food in the garbage can!

Think this is stupid? Unfortunately, this is what many of us do every day, every week. Globally, approximately one third of food produced is wasted before being consumed. And this is not happening only on the consumers side – but also in the production, distribution and stock process. But we, consumers, can change things and avoid wasting the food we buy!

via Oxfam International Blogs.