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National Restaurant Association Finds Customers Crave Tableside Technology

As consumer technology adoption grows, restaurants are trying to figure if and how they should integrate it into their operations. From payment products that aim to boost check averages, to services that increase user engagement, it can be difficult for companies to know which platforms to use. One major challenge that both tech companies and restaurants face is that customers have been slow to embrace restaurant technologies. But new research from the National Restaurant Association NRA, released at the Restaurant Innovation Summit, finds that the majority of consumers have utilized tech-based dining, and an even higher percentage is interested in such options, if their favorite eateries provide them.

via Food+Tech Connect.

How Yelp Might Clean Up the Restaurant Industry

Ever wonder about the risk of vermin infection at your favorite eatery? The review site is teaming up with public-health officials to make health ratings count.

In January of 1998, Los Angeles County began requiring restaurants to publicly post their hygiene grades. Eateries with nary a rat dropping in sight got to tout their A’s on the front door. Poor performers had to do the same with their C’s. The impact was immediate: researchers from Stanford and the University of Maryland later calculated that, by year’s end, consumers were rewarding cleaner establishments with their business (restaurants displaying A grades earned about 5 percent more revenue than they had previously); restaurants were responding to consumer demand (health-inspection scores for the worst offenders improved dramatically); and hospitalizations for food-borne illnesses dropped by a stunning 20 percent.

via The Atlantic.