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H2O-Pal Helps You Get Your Two Gallons Of Water A Day

The United States National Laboratory Of Water Drinking And Health not a real laboratory recommends that all humans drink lots of water all the time. That’s why H2O-Pal exists – it’s a water bottle that tells you how much you’ve drunk and, more important, when you’ve reached the daily goal of two to five gallons Warning: you could probably drink less needed to stay alive.The system uses a scale and accelerometer to see how much water you drink during the day. You fill the bottle, snap on the electronics, and hit the town. You can pull the puck-like device off of the bottle for washing. It then connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth to report your drinking habits.

via TechCrunch.

The Price Of Water Keeps Going Up, Which Is Bad, Because We Need Water To Live

Because of poor infrastructure and management, cities around the country are seeing water bills skyrocket. And it’s just going to get worse.

The price of water has been rising faster than for other utilities. Water is less like electricity or gas, and more like cable. And, in some cases, the increases are pretty jaw-dropping. Chicago, for instance, pushed through a 25% jump in 2012, and a further 15.1% rise this year. Across 30 cities, water prices, on average, have climbed 25% since 2010–far above inflation levels.

The figures are from Circle of Blue, an innovative journalism-cum-advocacy shop that focuses on water issues around the world. It has been tracking water prices in the U.S.’s 20 largest cities, plus 10 regionally representative ones, for four years now. And you can see the latest numbers in the charts here. They are for a family of four, consuming a “medium” 100 gallons per person, per day.

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How Much Water Do I Actually Need to Drink Every Day?

Dear Lifehacker,

I’ve heard you need eight glasses of water every day, but I’ve also heard that it might be more or less. Some say too much water is bad, and many more say too little is bad. How can I know if I’m getting the right amount if nobody really knows what that amount is? Please help!


Dumbfounded Drinker


Dear D.D.,

While a lot of people may disagree about the exact amount of water you should drink each day, and that your needs will differ from others with different body types. While no specific measurement will fit all people, I consulted Dr. Pamila Brar to get some basic guidelines. She suggested the following, presuming a temperate climate:

Men should drink about 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total fluids a day

Women should drink about 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total fluids a day

This is just a baseline, of course. If you exercise, spend time in hot or dry weather, you consume a significant amount of diuretics (e.g. caffeinated drinks like soda), or your medications require additional water consumption, you may need more water. The easiest way to handle your water consumption is to stick with the baseline above and add more water whenever you feel thirsty.

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